Awards and Appreciation

From an independent evaluation !

“Apart from AKRSP’s (Aga Khan Rural Support Programme) impact on the people of the Northern Areas, no NGO in Pakistan has had such an overwhelming role in the lives of the people of an entire district as Baanhn Beli has in the Tharparkar arid region.”
– from para 2 of the Executive Summary of an independent evaluation report titled: “Baanhn Beli in Nagarparkar 1994-95” Prepared by the IUCN Pakistan Programme P.S. Thank you for your appreciation. We admire AKRSP’s achievements–and wish we had more than a fraction of their financial resources! Our work is driven primarily by voluntary effort – which needs long-term support and professional institutionalization.

A consistent Commitment!

“the unique and remarkable aspects of Baanhn Beli’s work is that in the years when conditions had deteriorated in Sindh and extreme polarisation had taken place between urban and rural areas, its city-based volunteer members regularly travelled hundreds of kilometres through areas considered very unsafe to sustain contact with village-based members in remote areas and steadily expanded the scope of their work in critically difficult conditions.”

Dr. Zaki Hasan (late) <br> one of Pakistan’s most eminent medical specialists and President, UNICEF Executive Board, New York, 1980-81

A gold Medal!

11 May 2008: The Human Rights Society of Pakistan, Lahore presented a Gold Medal to the founding president of Baanhn Beli & to Baanhn Beli for “outstanding public service.”

Presented by “Friends of the Nations”, New York, 1995 on 50th anniversary of the Formation of The United Nations!

In 1995, on the 50th anniversary of the formation of the United Nations in 1945, “Friends of United Nations” in New York, USA selected Baanhn Beli as the only organization from Pakistan to receive a Special Award for “CREATING COMMON UNITY” between diverse peoples and for its public service.
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