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a friend forever

Baanhn Beli is a phrase used in the Sindhi, Seraiki and Punjabi languages to say that someone is "a friend forever." Literally, however, the world "Baanhn Beli" means hand or arm and the work "Beli" means "Friend" so that a more direct expression of the phrase "Baanhn Beli" could be said to be "a helping hand".

On balance, as the two possible meanings are very close to each other, we prefer to use "a friend fore ever" as the more descriptive interpretation of the phrase.

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3rd August 1987: The Nagarparkar Declaration

A statement by the people on the development of the Thar region, Sind, Pakistan:.

We, the residents of Nagarparkar and of the Thar region, and development specialists in different disciplines based in various cities of Pakistan alongwith citizens resident in other parts of Pakistan, constituting the first-ever such group of people to meet together in Nagarparkar on this the third day of August, 1987 do hereby affirm that on the basis of existing research and data and on the basis of our own survey of parts of the region, the Thar is potentially a productive region whose resources in people, agriculture, livestock and minerals

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Baanhn Beli Thematic Area !

Social mobilization is the foundation of our Program but we implements activities under below mentioned themes:

Disaster Preparedness and Management

Climate change, environmental degradation, population growth, increased urbanization, unsustainable development in hazard-prone areas, risky technologies, and growing social and economic inequalities have all contributed to a dramatic increase in the impact of disaster events. Many natural disasters are cyclical and to some degree predictable.

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BB is currently engaged in various donor supported programmes/ projects that target poverty alleviation through the typical approach of social mobilization and livelihoods improvement. The organization process involves all the poor households in grassroots level planning and implementation of community driven interventions.

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Health &

Since inception, Baanhn Beli is determined to promote basic education and strongly believes that education is a fundamental right of every child and only key to alleviate poverty and realization of sustainable rural development at grass root level. Baanhn Beli believes that all children have the right to learn from a quality education.

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Livelihoods, Enterprise Development

Improving rural livelihoods and alleviating poverty in marginalized communities are the most critical development challenge in Sindh. The livelihood options are going to reduce day by day due to uncertainty and poor governance. The public sector is not much conscious about the alarming situations pertaining with livelihood and nutrition.

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Water and

BB’s Community Physical Infrastructure is one of the basic key components for the provision of community basic services to redress their needs. The purpose of Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) theme is to improve the basic infrastructures

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Completed Projects !

The List of Completed Projects

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