Teachers’ Training Programme of Community School Teachers


Executive Summary

Professional Development Programme for Community School Teachers was organized by Baanhn Beli with the support of Embassy of New Zealand @ Nagarparkar, District Tharparkar This Teachers Training Programme for Community School Teachers was aimed at strengthening Capacity Building of the Teachers. The training was carried out at Mohammad Usman Chaki Hall Nagarparkar. The 1st Phase was conducted from 25-29 October 2014 with 45 hours of training spread over 05 Days including (Sunday) for each participant, the 2nd Phase was conducted from 13-16 November 2014 with 36 hours spread over four days including Sunday and 3rd and final phase of training was conducted from 10-12 December 2014 with 27 hours spread over three days. The training was imparted through specifically designed teaching activities This report documents the academic input, output and outcomes of the programme and was prepared and formally submitted as part of the final deliverables. The report captures the factual details of the (Phase I, II & III) programme, as planned and executed; the data collected, analysed and interpreted.