Primary Healthcare

Community Manage Mother and Child Health Care Centres & Training of Community Health workers / TBAs

While the capacity of the official Nagarparkar Taluka Hospital operated by the Department of Health, Government of Sindh has noticeably improved in 2014-15 as a result of many previously vacant posts for doctors now being filled, the need for out- reach and community-based health interventions continues to remain a priority need of the people. As with instances in the 30 years, so too in 2014-15 Baanhn Beli operated three separate Mother and Child Care Centres at villages in Nagarparkar Taluka. The respective communities provided the premises and local personnel. Baanhn Beli, in cooperation with the Department of Health and Nagarparkar Taluka Hospital provided specialist expertise and supervision on a regular basis, apart from periodic campaigns of vaccination of infants, children and women against basic or infectious diseases. By a pleasant co-incidence, Dr. Shankar Lal Motwani, the Medical Superintendent of Nagarparkar Taluka Hospital who is a senior and active member of Baanhn Beli on a voluntary basis, is also the present elected President of Baanhn Beli for the 2015-16 term.
Data Summary (1987-2014)

Sr. No




Awareness and training about safe motherhood
Patients treated at health centers 126,584
Patients treated through mobile health services at the doorstep of the villages in Talukas Mithi, Diplo, Nagar and Chachro. 51,737
Patients referred to district hospital 16,832
Growth monitoring and nutrition for under 5-year old children 12,483
Ante-natal and Post-natal services provided to women 25,024
Deliveries of babies conducted by lady doctor / LHV 6,802
X-Ray facility provided (1993-1996) 1,819
Health education sessions conducted for children and mothers at the doorstep of the villages 2,789
Female community health workers / TBAs trained 187


mmunization with the collaboration of the Department of Health, Govt of Sindh, Tharparkar
Villages covered 528
Vaccine shots given 28,132
Fully immunized children 52,981
Fully immunized women 25,202


Special Programmes
Polio drops administered on national polio-day programmes 56,231
Eye camps organized by Baanhn Beli. About 200 persons were provided free eye care at each camp 12

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