Our Departed Members


Mohammad Usman Chhacki

The first resident of Nagarparkar to establish friendship with visitors from urban Sindh and who served as the elected Chairman of the local Union Council. He was a true gentleman of real character whose wisdom and balance gave Baanhn Beli’s work stability and security.



Abdullah Murad Baloch

a sincere, brave resident of Karachi and a housing entrepreneur who was completely committed to Baanhn Beli. He also became a notable political leader and Provincial legislator with integrity and courage.
He was brutally assassinated in 2004 because of his fearless pursuit of the truth regarding the murder of 2 young girls in his constituency.



Professor Dr. Laiq Azam

An unusual academic scholar with a rare passion for field work and for public service who left for the eternal abode far too early. He led the Social Work Deptt. faculty in the University of Karachi with distinction.



Abdul Karim

A vivid and distinct individual with an eccentric, charming personality who, upon migration from across the border, chose to settle in remote Nagarparkar. He was deftly skilled in handiwork and remained an amiable, helpful participant in collective efforts.




One of the first women of Nagarparkar to become a member of Baanhn Beli, she was an extremely bold, forthright person who defied conventions and took an active part in public events. Coming from the Kohli caste, she possessed a sunny, warm disposition and presented an ” ajrak ” to President Leghari in effortless style.



Nawaz Khoso

The wellregarded elder of village Khakanyar Rahimali near Islamkot, he extended generous hospitality to visitors and stayed in frequent contact with colleagues in Baanhn Beli to ensure advancement of our mission.



Nawaz Khoso

Representing one of the Baloch Khoso tribes that settled in the Nagarparkar area multiple decades ago, Nawaz Khoso retired from employment in a para-military force to begin a new life of high respect and distinction. He was like a living, talking encyclopedia on the folk history, culture and ecology of Tharparkar. Austere and simple in his habits, he helped co-found Baanhn Beli and remained an active participant virtually up to his last few months before age and infirmity took him to the next realm. He rendered an invaluable role as a senior member of Baanhn Beli.


They served with great devotion as members of staff:

  • Late Mohammad Faqir was office attendant in Baanhn Beli from Aug 1996 – 2008. He had an inimitable personality and worked tirelessly.
  • Late Arbab Ali Palli, Driver. He served 1993 – 2008. He passed away in a tragic accident while on a private trip. His age was only 32 years.
  • Late Ahmed Khan Khoso, Security Gaurd, 1993 – 2008. He passed away on 21st June 2008 at the age of about 42 years after a long illness.