Girls’ Primary Schools

Though the physical infrastructure of primary schools constructed by the Department of Education of the Government of Sindh is fairly extensive and visible in Tharparkar, the content of teaching capacity, curriculum and learning environment is limited and deficient. In addition to working in close collaboration with the District Education Officer to improve the Government primary schools, Baanhn Beli, with the support of PPAF, operated ten primary schools in Nagarparkar Taluka up to June 2015 and continues to do so even after that date with the participative support of communities. In past years, Baanhn Beli has established and operated several dozens of girls primary schools, especially in locations where there is no Government school and uses both non-formal techniques and formal approaches to enhance literacy and education. Teacher training workshops are conducted regularly.

Sr No.



Phase-1 —- 1980-1992
1 Adult Literacy Centres established 30
No. of girls and woman enrolled 901
No. of learners who became literate 832
Teachers Trained to become Master Trainers 30
Phase-2 —- 1993-2002
2 Formal and Non-Formal Primary Schools 150
Enrollment 3,140
Boys 2,355
Girls 785
No. of boys who completed basic education (5 Years Schooling) 1,312
No. of girls who completed basic education (5 Years Schooling) 601
Phase-3 —- 2003-2007
3 Non – Formal Primary Schools 56
Enrollment 1,680
Boys 1,020
Girls 660
Teachers Trained to become Master Trainers 30
Phase-4 —- 2011-2014
4 No. of Community-managed girls primary school 10
Enrollment 797
Boys 361
Girls 436
5 Teachers Trained to become Master Trainers 20

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