Gender Justice

Baanhn Beli Gender Justice Legal Aid & Legal Literacy Programmes

Promoting equity for women and for disadvantaged men is one of the original motivations of Baanhn Beli. While gender sensitivity is a cross-cutting and pervasive theme for all sectors of work such as in membership of the Executive Committee, staff recruitment to the optimal extent possible, community-based activities, especially in health, education and livelihood, our organization is reinforcing and sustaining this goal in its present work with NCA Pakistan

Girls child marriages

Despite the legally defined age of a child being up to 18 years, thousands of girl children, be they Muslim, Hindu or of any other religion, especially in rural areas and small towns continue to be married off to either boy-children approximately of their own age or to adult males many years their senior. Baanhn Beli uses counselling, informal education, and public advocacy to discourage this primitive practice and enable children to experience the advantages and pleasures of child-hood, unaffected by premature forced imposition of marriage and adult roles supported by The Asia Foundation

Empowerment of peasants

A variety of factors keep the average farm-worker, male or female, in a kind of passive bondage. These factors include illiteracy, lack of education, lack of awareness about legal rights, maldistribution of land ownership, defective and non-transparent documentation of land ownership, property rights, etc. Baanhn Beli uses community based organizations, consultative processes, information-dissemination campaigns and dialogues to improve the status of poor peasants in a collaborative, non-violent manner

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