Baanhn Beli Election Report 2013-14


Primary school teacher elected new President of Baanhn Beli
New Executive Committee of Baanhn Beli for 2013-14 elected in Nagarparkar.

Maintaining its democratic tradition over the past 25 years of formal work begun 27 years ago, the volunteer-led pioneer development organization of Tharparkar known as Baanhn Beli ( a friend forever ) held its bi-annual elections on schedule to elect new office-bearers and a new Executive Committee.

The committee unanimously elected as president Mr. Faiz Mohammad Junejo , a primary school teacher in a village near Mithi. He has served for over 20 years as a dedicated volunteer-member of the organization and has previously been elected General Secretary and Treasure Other Members represent a range of disciplines including college education, medicine, small farmers and businesses, agriculture extention work, local government service and graphic design, reflecting the unique rural-urban blend of Baanhn Beli’s membership, with the majority comprising residents of villages and small towns.

The outgoing President who served for two consecutive 2-year terms is Mohammad Khan Marri, a water resources engineering specialist who has headed the water research centre in Tando Jam.

Baanhn Beli continues to sustain and enhance its grass-roots work in hundreds of villages and settlements of the Tharparkar arid region in the sectors of girls education, primary health care, small loans, capacity building, water resources as well as advocacy and voter enlistment in Mirpurkhas, Karachi and elsehwere in Sindh.

At the Baanhn Beli office at Nagarparkar in District Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan on 26th January 2013, it was announced by the two-member Election Committee that the new Executive Committee of the development organization known as Baanhn Beli (A friend forever) has been elected.

The new Executive Committee comprises the following persons:

  1. Mr. Faiz Muhammad Junejo (primary school teacher, Mithi)
  2. Mr. Jawahar Lal (primary school teacher, Nagarparkar)
  3. Mr. Murad Ali Rahimoon (college lecturer, Umerkot)
  4. Ms. Roshan Aara (retired principal, girls School ,Mithi)
  5. Dr. Zebunissa Kolachi (medical doctor, Naokot)
  6. Ms. Najoo (farmer & home-maker, Village Doodey Jo Wandio)
  7. Dr. Aurangzeb Saand (medical doctor, Nagarparkar)
  8. Mr. Gohram Baloch (agriculture extension officer, Mirpurkhas)
  9. Mr. Saleem Sheikh (graphic designer, Karachi)
  10. Professor Mushtaq Ahmed Dal (college lecturer, Mithi)
  11. Mr. Faqir Bhai Khan (farmer, Village Khakaryan Rahim Ali)
  12. Mr. Ali Muhammad (primary school teacher, Village Bhapuhar)
  13. Mr. Allah Rakhio (Local Government officer, Nagarparkar)
  14. Mr. M Achaar (business person, Chachro)
  15. Mr. Aljee Thakur (primary school teacher, Village Sakri)

A meeting of the newly-elected Executive Committee was convened immediately after the announcement of the result of the election.

The Committee elected the following members as office-bearers for 2013-14:

  1. President Faiz Mohammad Junejo
  2. Vice President Jawahar Lal
  3. Vice President Roshan Ara
  4. General Secretary Murad Ali Rahmoon.
  5. Joint Secretaries Gohram Balouch and Ms.Naajo
  6. Treasurer Saleem Shaikh

The nomination papers as received by the deadline were scrutinized by the two-member Election Committee comprising Javed Jabbar, Founding President, Baanhn Beli and Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Kolachi, Member, Baanhn Beli.

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