Annual General Meeting 2012


The 25th Annual General Body meeting for the year 2012 Held on January 11, 2012 at Baanhn Beli Office Nagarparkar Rural women empowered by education and health, Indian visitors want to franchise the organization’s approach .


The pivotal importance of providing education and primary health care to girl-children and women living in remote and rural areas was highlighted at a simple, colorful and well-attended Annual General Body meeting was held at Nagarparkar District Tharparkar on January 11, 2012 Participants included members of Baanhn Beli over 74 women and men who had specially travelled from the villages of District Tharparkar,Umerkot Mirpurkhas to Nagarparkar for the Annual General Body meeting Speaking in local dialects of Tharparkar like Dhatki, and in Sindhi and Urdu, villagers described how the process of becoming literate and being vaccinated against diseases had initiated basic and positive changes for the better in their lives. Female speakers included those who have now gained employment as para-medics and teachers after having commenced their education in schools established by Baanhn Beli.

Mr.Ali Akbar Rahmoon General Secretary Baanhn Belin presented minutes of the previous AGM meeting held on Dec 16,2010 at Mithi District Tharparkar Mr. Jan Mohammad Proposed adoption of the minutes and the motion was seconded by Mr. Saleem Shaikh
Younus Bandhani Presented a descriptive analysis of the 2011 which Baanhn Beli conducted a multi phase programme specially DGP and STAEP Citizens engagement with public institutions and elected representatives, Governance monitoring Civic and voter education under FAFEN with the support of TAF Pakistan Mr. Aleem Soomro Manager CPI Presented plans and achievements Challenges under Community Physical infrastructure development Dug wells , installation hands pMohammad umps Water supply in District Tharparkar with the support of PPAF Dr. Shankar Manager Mother and Child health Centre briefed progress shared data patient treated at health centre refered , mobile health education session at village level safe Deliveries conducted by LHV situation of Vacination coverage coordination with local Health department administration Mr. Haneef Khoso briefed Baanhn Beli Girls education programme in District Tharparkar with the support PPAF ,enrolment, drop out quality of education Teachers Training conducted in 2011 Meeting students achievements in learning role of SMCs coordination with EDO education District Tharparkar
Mr. Gohram Balouch brifed about SLMP Project activities supported by UNDP like Small-scale farmers said support provided by Baanhn Beli in introducing solar-powered water-pumps in place of expensive deisel-powered pumps had vastly increased agricultural cultivation and boosted household incomes in an arid region.Folk musicians from Tharparkar also rendered melodies and songs to lend a festive air to the occasion.

Women members of Baanhn Beli residing in remote villages of Tharparkar,umerkot , Mirpurkhas and Karachi spoke on the occation Ms.Nazo,Ms Jari, Ms.Pali , Ms. Zareena Chaki,Ms. Ayesa appreciated the support extending PPAF ,TAF, UNDP through Baanhn Beli in water resources,health ,education and CNIC and voter registration although their Govt Rural health Centre and BHUs in Tharparkar are working with out Lady Doctor They demanded full time female medical staff on a long term basis to help meet of thousands of women and girl Children Mr.Javed Jabbar, founding president of Baanhn Beli said that the organization’s sustained work as a unique-rural-urban bridge of friendship and development over two and a half decades in harsh and difficult conditions was a tribute to the dedication and sincerity of all its members, supporters and partner-organizations. He also thanked the media for helping focus governmental and public attention on the deprivation of rural and remote areas.

Other speakers included Dr H. B. Kolachi He recalled how the journey began in 1985 and appreciated the commitment of urban- based citizens to help their rural brothers and sisters He said that Professor .Gaffar Billoo and Javed Jabber had served as sources of inspiration for young doctors to serve the health sector in the public interest He praised the role of Dr.Fareeda Yasmeen as the first woman doctor who travelled to far- flung villages to provide health care to women and children.

M. K. Marri said the construction of hundreds of water wells in arid areas had made a dramatic difference in the lives of thousands of families.

Mr.Faiz Mohammad Junijo Treasurer Baanhn Beli presented Baanhn Beli organizations and Projects Accounts for the period July -2009-June 2010 as per detail below

Baanhn Beli organization Accounts -515254-0
Baanhn Beli TAF -12050
Baanhn Beli CPI 411-2
Baanhn Beli HID

The treasure quoted Figures and data from each of the audited accounts statement and explained in details. The Founding president Mr. Javed Jabbar pointed out that the most important source of income for Baanhn Beli which was not reflected in the financial statement is the enormous amount of time and other resources contributed on a voluntary basis by members of Baanhn Beli.

The Audited accounts were adopted by the meeting upon a motion being moved for the same by Mr. Johar Lal members of Baanhn Beli and second by Dr. Hussain Buksh Kolachi members of Baanhn Beli Tanzeem and Company were appointed auditors for the period July 2010-June 2011 Others speakers who addressed the meeting included Dr. Hussain Buksh Kolachi,Mr. Joharlal,Mr. Allah Rakhio Ms. Hajyani Lunjo,Ali Akbar

Ali Akbar Rahmoon
General Secretary

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