Organizational structure

Even though Baanhn Beli is formally registered under the Provincial law for social welfare bodies, the ethos and the operations of the organization focus on :

  1. Promoting fulfillment of human potential , rather than encouraging dependence on hand-outs and charity
  2. While benefits delivered by Baanhn Beli certainly help improve the welfare of poor and disadvantaged persons, the stress in our work is on increasing self-reliance and enhancement of capacity and skills for better livelihoods.
  3. We are deeply committed to the principles of democracy, accountability and transparency. However, in our practice of democracy, we use the elements of consultation , consensus-building and co-operation rather than the divisive aspects of partisanship , pursuit of personal power or office-positions, etc.
  4. The foundation of our organization is the General Body of Members who serve on a voluntary , honorary basis . These comprise residents of villages, towns and cities in the areas of Tharparkar , Mirpurkhas , Hyderabad and Karachi , with the last of these locations being the least in number . The majority of Members are representatives of community-based organizations and thus represent , in turn, several dozen or hundreds of individuals who identify with Baanhn Beli’s mission.
  5. Every two years, as per the Rules , elections are held for an Executive Committee . The General Body appoints a 2-member or 3-member Election Committee to conduct the elections. Nomination papers of candidates are submitted after prior consultation within each taluka/district/division to ensure consensus and unanimity , balance in representation of each area , gender balance to the extent possible , rural-urban balance to the extent advisable, consideration of activism and volunteer work rendered by the candidate in the past or present for Baanhn Beli’s work , reputation for qualities of character , integrity , consistency, etc . Past Presidents of the organizationare ex-officio Members of each Executive Committee . An Advisory Council is also nominated/ elected, using the same criteria as above . The Chairman of the Advisory Council is also an ex-officio Member of the Executive Committee.
  6. Maintaining an over-all view of the work , the Executive Committee does not involve itself in micro-managing the staff or in interfering with professional duties. However,Committee Members provide advice and guidance to the staff and frequently facilitate the staff’s contacts with other entities. The Committee elects office-bearers who also serve for a 2-year term and provide the leadership to the organization and the staff.
  7. At every annual General Body meeting which has been held without a single omission since the formal registration of the body in 1988 , comprehensive Reports of activities of the past year and statements of income and expenditure, alongwith the Auditors’ report and comments , are presented/read out for the benefit of Members. Any observations or comments by them are duly noted and where appropriate , acted upon.
  8. Teams from major Partner organizations that provide funding support to Baanhn Beli regularly visit the sites of our work and conduct their own evaluations which are studied with care and in the context of our own internal monitoring processes. Periodically, independent evaluations are also conducted.
  9. Copies of Annual Reports and audited Accounts are provided to the Department of
    Social Welfare, Government of Sindh.